PROJECTS  /  2017

Clearing and Capping
of Ash Dam

In 2017 SNK Group was contracted by Origin Energy to carry out the Clearing and Capping of the Ash Dam to Eraring Power Station. Key features of this project were:

Ash Dam Clearing:

  • Site Establishment, construction site facilities, project management and site supervision.
  • In conjunction with the Origin Environmental Officer, assess the extent of existing population of protected flora, prepare an approved area(s) for receipt of transplanted vegetation, carry out transplanting using the developed methodology.
  • Maintenance of the transplanted vegetation for the nominated period in the specification.
  • Clear nominated trees and shrubs and mulch.
  • Larger trunks and root balls windrowed.
  • Strip topsoil and mix evenly with subsoil and mulch and stockpile as directed.

Ash Dam Capping:

  • Provide temporary access roads as necessary for the transport of earthmoving equipment and haulage vehicles.
  • Prepare Ash Dam surface area to receive subsequent soil layers.
  • Installation of fresh water supply and irrigation supply pipework from the nominated water source to the capping area.
  • Load, cart and spread soil/mulch mix to the nominated capping area(s).
  • Sow the nominated grass seed as specified.
  • Maintenance of the new grass as specified.

The project was completed successfully on time and within budget with zero incidents.


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