Rail embankment stabilisation and drainage repairs

Commencing in 2020, SNK undertook project works to manage ground water under the power station rail line, followed by the stabilisation of the embankments surrounding the coal unloader rail loop.

Key features of this project were:

  • Survey and search for buried services within the area. Organised updated drawings for archives
  • Cleared existing vegetation on earth embankments using excavators with mulching attachments.
  • Excavated trenches for subsoil drain systems to manage groundwater, formed and poured concrete V drain to capture and redirect surface water.
  • Cuttings secured by drilling and bolting followed by shot crete application.
  • The main area of instability was excavated back to secure ground. Extra cared was required as a high voltage line sat on the crest.
  • 500+ concrete blocks were cast and a wall was constructed using an engineered design. The void was backfilled using no-fines concrete mix

The project was completed successfully on time and within budget with zero incidents.


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